negation of negation. 2020

Unhappy monuments, 10-20 October 2020, Athens.

The object for sitting or reclining is another form of clear demarcation of the subject’s body and identity. It is also a tendency to constant distancing of the body towards the earth hence control over nature. Or it is proof that we have lost that control and so we are more afraid of nature than ever before. The separation, which we have to defend to feel safe, does not ensure that and the reality of our shared identities, living and non-living, is radically different from this desire. It is flux and mutation of interchangeable elements that sets the propagation of life, as it is being transformed.  

Negation of negation: “during development, negation of an original situation follows a second negation. the seed develops into a plant – this plant is the “negation” of the seed. if the plant grows fruit and leave several other seeds, then this equals a “negation of negation”: that negation of negation though does not bring us back to the starting point, but it reproduces it to a higher level – the seed has now being multiplied.” (translated into english from the greek translation of Michael Heinrich’s Kritik der politischen okonomie. Eine einfuhrung).