9/12/2021 – 30/12/2021

Cc, Callirrhoë, Athens. 

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25/9/2021 – 29/9/2021

Mines and Minerals, curated by Alexandros Tzannis – Saigon Athens, Mega Livadi bay, Serifos, Greece. 

25/2/2021 – 9/5/2021

Mr Robinson Crusoe stayed home. Adventures of design in times of crisis, The Benaki Museum, Athens.

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The Right to Silence?, The Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery, CUNY, New York.

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Open Love Letters, Laboratory for the Urban Commons.

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Unhappy Monuments, Eleftherias Park, Athens.

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Who’s afraid of Komodo, Allouche Benias Gallery, Athens.

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Intimacy, a Modern Tyranny, 61st Thessaloniki Film Festival, Thessaloniki.

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The Love Boat, Department of Cleaning and Recycling
Municipality of Athens / Municipal Garbage Trucks’ Depot, Athens.

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a.O. – b.c. (after Olympics – before crisis), State of Concept Athens and ASFA Athens.

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 29/11/2019 –8/12/2019

On the edge of the blade we run, PLYFA Factory, Athens.

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