pseudoplatform/trypanosome 2008

pseudoplatform was shown at duo show with juliette blightman at k44 exhibition space, athens, 2008 / alpha exotica at hydra school projects, hydra isl. greece / cabinets of miracle, zone-d, organised by zoumboulakis gallery, curated by chistophoros marinos, athens, 2010 / gold und liebe, liebe fur gold, haus n, athens, 2018 / on the edge of the blade we run, 2019, plyfa factory, athens

oypo ran tsam was shown at: do androids dream of elelctric sheep?,  remap3, athens / aNiMaL, donopoulos international fine arts, thessaloniki / celebration, 10 years hydra school projects, alex mylona museum/mmca, athens, 2010


this diminished place with the two huts close to the shaky quay and in front of, and very close to, the river, which does not flow to any direction, dead, this place might have been swallowed up by the muddy water along with that hanging, nerveless hand on the bank, could have been sucked slowly in time into its stomach. noise that issued violently from a back, that back that faces the thick living green shelter, its shadow eliminates all colours underneath, everything under one smoke-black veil and only one luminous beam, an inclined plane of shimmering white searching, digging in front of, and very close to, the ground to unbury the hyena babies. the mother is not expecting anymore, the form of denial of herself evacuates all.



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