remap3 2011

To Hell with poverty, 2011 was installed in situ at The non-existent hand, ReMap3

Oypo ran tsam, 2008 first presented at duo show Trypanosome, K44, Athens, also at Celebration, Alpha Exotica, Hydra School Projecs, 2009, 10 Years Hydra School Projects, MOMus-Museum Alex, 2010, Do androids dream of electric dreams? ReMap3, at aNiMaL, Donopoulos International Fine Art, Thessaloniki, 2011.

Souvenir (Prussian blue) (with base), 2005-2011 was first presented at Zoo Art Fair (i-cabin gallery), London, at Satellites (i-cabin baggage), Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York and Don’t come too close I hardly know you, 2011, at the exhibition Do androids dream of electric dreams?.

Alain (green towel), 2011, was shown at Galerie Utopia/Forgotten Bar Project Berlin, ReMap3.